Special Interest Services

Educational Tours 

We organize educational tours in Ethiopia for students and researchers in various fields of study. These tours are on the basis of significant focus on History,Anthropology,Archeology, Paleontology,Geology, Plants and Flowers, Health, Business and other different research themes or fields of study.

If you are about to make a research or study to Ethiopia in any field of study, Stone Age tour and travel will handle it for you conveniently. 

We have effectively handled different study groups to different parts of Ethiopia like: 

Northern Ethiopia: to Axum, Lake Tana monasteries and Lalibela and its   surroundings.

Southern Ethiopia: to the lower Omo valley.

Eastern Ethiopia: to the breathtaking Denakil depression; the origin of cradle of mankind, where the oldest hominid “Lucy” was discovered.

Western Ethiopia:  coffee plantation study groups in different areas of the region. 

Excursion for transit & business passengers

When you are in Ethiopia for a business or in transit Stone Age Tour and Travel P.l.c. will remind you to use your transit hours and your break time from your business to make an excretion around the country before leaving.

SAT have different itineraries for half, 1 and 2 day tours. This Short Tours - will help you to make best use of your time, explaining what there is to see and do in the time available. Ethiopia is a fascinating and diverse country and once you have sampled it, it is inevitable that you will come back for more.

Care for the Backpack Travelers 

Stone Age tour and travel give special attention for backpack travelers  and lower income group travelers. We offer different services for this group starting from free travel advice up to their trip arrangement .