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Addis Abeba at a glance

Addis Abeba is a home of remarkable tourist attractions that have various cultural, historical, architectural, aesthetic, economic, spiritual, political and symbolic values.Addis Abeba is centered at the heart of the country. It was founded by Emperor Menelik in 1886. Addis is graced as Africa’s diplomatic capital with the presence of the head quarter for the African Unity, a seat for numerous embassies and is the port of entry for most travelers.

What to see in Addis Abeba?

 Addis Abeba has so many things to offer for its visitors which encompasses Natural, cultural and historical sites. Here below are the places to see in Addis Abeba; Entoto Mountain (3300m), Entoto Museum, The National palace, Entoto St. marry Church, St. Raguel church, St. George Cathedral, Holy Trinity Cathedral, different land marks and monuments (Sebastopol/ Tewodros Square, Pushkin Square, The Statue of the Lion of Judah, Statue of His Holiness Abune Petros, The Equestrian Statue of Emperor Menelik II, Victory Statue (Meyazia 27), Martyrs' Monument (Yekatit 12), different museums (The Ethiopian Postal Museum, Entoto St. Mary’s Museum, Natural History Museum,Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES), Ba’eta St. Mary Museum, Addis Abeba Museum, St. George Cathedral Museum,National Museum... and so forth

Addis Abeba City Tour (Half Day)

Addis Abeba City Tour (Half Day)

Addis Abeba City Tour (Full Day)