Dalol Depression Tours - DSAT 006

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Program Highlights

Day 1: Addis Abeba –woldiya (521 km)  

Day 2: Woldiya-Mekelle (259 km)-Hammed Ela  

Day 3: Dallol Depression and Lake Asalé

Day 4: the undying fire of Arte Ale, (Active Volcano Lake)

Day 5: Arte Ale – woldiya 

Day 6: Woldiya-Addis Abeba














Danakil Depression Highlights

Danakil/Dallol Depression: is the remotest, lowest and hottest place in the Great Rift Valley system. It is the most astonishing place, nowhere in the World but in Ethiopia – at north –east (Ethiopian Afar Region “This is the place where the earth breaths as we do!”  Danakil Depression is an extraordinary event – no word, picture or filming equitable to explain about Danakil Depression. The only means to witness about it is being there physically! Come and explore the life time memory of the Danakil depression’s miraculous event. We are looking forward to take you there as your agent in Ethiopia.

Day 1: Addis Abeba –woldiya (521 km)  
Early in the morning leave Addis and drive to woldiya. On the way to woldiya you will spot magnificent countryside of the region. Overnight at chosen hotel-woldiya

Day 2:   Woldiya-Mekelle (259 km)-Hammed Ela  
Early in the morning drive to the town of mekele. Have your lunch at mekele then drive from Mekelle via Berahile to Hammed ela (48 km). After the small town of Agula; we descend to the Afar Region. At many spots on the way; you will see camel caravans, transporting rock salt from Lake Asalé to the town of Mekelle. Entrance tickets will be collected at the small town of Berahile (110km from Mekelle). Then proceed towards Hammed Ela; accompanying with Afar polices and a local guide from Berahile. Overnight – camping (in Afar House) – Hammed Ela

Day 3:  Dallol Depression and Lake Asalé
Early morning (possibly at 6am local time) excursion to the Danakil depression.On this day; surely, you will be overwhelmed with strong feeling of admiration, because of the spectacular Dallol. Proceed to the traditional salt extraction site from where   camels are waiting to be loaded rock salts - just nearby the Salt Lake of Asalé. Then drive on white salt land to visit Lake Asalé. Overnight – camping (in Afar House) – Hammed Ela

Day 4: the undying fire of Arte Ale, (Active Volcano Lake)
Morning; drive from Hammed Ela towards Arte Ale (78km road) via Kursewat. After arranging camel/s for Arte Ale Mountain, drive to Waydodom and then climb Arta Ale accompanying with camping gears, being loaded by Afar Camel (3-4hrs walk). After rest, explore the extraordinary lava that babbles from its mouth of Arte Ale volcanic fire. During night time the volcano will be fully seen with its magnificent color of zigzagging fire, produced from huge rocks. Therefore; in the evening, we will descend from Camping site to the drama of the volcano. Overnight- camping on the top of Arte Ale

Day 5: Arte Ale – woldiya 
Morning; descend to your cars and drive to woldiya. Overnight at chosen Hotel-woldiya






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