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Northern Ethiopia cradle of civilization!!

Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa, has a heritage dating back to the first century AD. These voyages lead you to the historical places of Ethiopia in the north, passing through the scenic Ethiopian highlands. Bahirdar, Lake Tana, with its thirty isles, keepers of ancient Coptic monasteries, the impressive Blue Nile waterfalls and scenery, Gondar; ancient capital dating from the days of the Emperor Fasil, with its castles and churches. Axum, the oldest city of Ethiopia, it is here that, between myth and reality, the Ark of the Covenant is kept ... but only the old priest in charge of it is permitted to see it.

The monasteries and rock churches in the Tigray and, at last, Lalibela, the Jerusalem of Ethiopia with its 11 monolithic, red-colored churches which considered as unofficial eight wonders of the world, excavated in the rock and connected by a network of tunnels, today still a vital center of the Coptic church, where the people from the entire country gal her during the colorful festivities. After all you will have a wonderful time to glance the greatest historical legacy of Ethiopia!!! 

Historic Route Tours (15 Nights/16 Days)

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Historic Route Tours (7 Nights/8 Days)