Omo Valley Tours Highlights

Discover the unique wilderness & culture in Omo Valley

This package will leads you to the uncontaminated territories of the South, along difficult tracks, to encounter populations who have lived in complete isolation for centuries, and whose life-style is still truly and deeply African and beyond their culture the area is gifted with many natural attractions… it is here, where you can often see zebras and antelopes roaming freely…

The Lower Omo is land of a remarkable mix of small ethnic groups with unique cultures! They live almost without the current global civilization & technology! Their culture, artifacts, ornaments & decorations they use are simple & unique. The Mursi lip plates, body paintings are incredible, the bull jumping ceremony, donga stick fighting… in omo valley everything is so fabulous to see!

Omo Valley Tours (18 Nights/19 Days)

Omo Valley Tours (18 Nights/19 Days)

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Omo Valley Tours (12 Nights/13 Days)

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