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Trekking in the splendor of Ethiopian Highlands!!

Our trekking itineraries lead you through landscapes covered by deep gorges, jagged plugs, and striking rock towers and also you will have the chance to climb some of Africa's highest peaks…

The Ethiopian highlands, blessed with a temperate climate and grand mountain scenery, offer superb trekking opportunities. Trekking in the remote isolated splendor of the Semien Mountains, the Bale Mountains, and the unique Surma is a breathtaking experience. Ethiopia is little known and little visited yet it is an amazing place to see. Ethiopia has a unique culture, complex history and some superb scenery - a wonderful experience for the truly adventurous traveler.

From the fertile highlands in the south through to the Seimen of the north, the landscape is extremely mountainous. Arguably, one of the most beautiful ranges in Africa is found here. 

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