Bale Mountains TrekkingGood trekking itineraries, by horse or on foot, can also be made in the Bale Mountains National Park, an area of high altitude plateau, with volcanic gorges and lakes, forests, alpine moorland, trout filled streams and a striking variety of fauna and flora. Several endemic mammals, including the Mountain Nyala, Semien Wolf and Menelik’s Bushbuck, are found within the park, while 16 endemic bird species have been recorded. In the Harenna Forest in the southern part of the park there are leopards and lions, although the dense forest makes spotting animals difficult. A one-day excursion from the small town of Goba (by car) takes the visitor to the fantastic underwater river and caves of Sof Umar. Since it takes at least one day to get to Bale from Addis Ababa, a minimum of 4 days should be allowed for this trek.