Stone Age tour and travel Ethiopian like to introduce for guests those who are interested in art galleries and all art work. Ethiopia is reach in art from the 4th century until the 20th can be divided as a distinctive tradition of Christian art which is mostly for churches like painting, crosses, icons, illuminated manuscripts, metalwork such as crowns and there are popular arts and crafts such as textiles, basketry and jeweler in which Ethiopian traditions are closer to those of other peoples in the region. Its history goes back almost three thousand years to the kingdom of D’mt. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has been the predominant religion in Ethiopia for over 1500 years, for most of this period in a very close relation, or union, with the Coptic Christianity of Egypt, so that Coptic art has been the main formative influence on Ethiopian church art.

There is different kind of souvenirs where Artists make from wood, fiber and other materials. Those souvenirs are placed for sale at different locations in Addis Ababa. They also have locally made fabrics, paintings with traditional style, locally made jewelries and different kinds of apparels, which are good for gift.

Stone age tour and travel also advise art galleries as one of the activity to make in Ethiopia. Art galleries are also best place to consider for any tourist interested in paintings. There are art galleries with collocation of work from a number of artists. Some art galleries also provides you with a traditional and westerns restaurant with a sense of different art works under the same roof in side Addis Ababa.