Denakil Depression and Historic Rout

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Danakil Depression Highlights

Danakil/Dallol Depression: is the remotest, lowest and hottest place in the Great Rift Valley system. It is the most astonishing place, nowhere in the World but in Ethiopia – at north –east (Ethiopian Afar Region “This is the place where the earth breaths as we do!” Danakil Depression is an extraordinary event – no word, picture or filming equitable to explain about Danakil Depression. The only means to witness about it is being there physically! Come and explore the life time memory of the Danakil depression’s miraculous event. We are looking forward to take you there as your agent in Ethiopia.


  Denakil Depression and Historic Rout
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DAY 01: Arrival/ Addis – City Tour

We spend the day exploring Addis Ababa. After Breakfast, we drive to the Entoto Mountain (3300m) for a panoramic view of Addis, Entoto Museum with historical and royal exhibit, The Church of St. Mary, built in 1885 and the old palace of emperor Menelik II. Take some images of Addis Ababa and trek the surroundings at Mount Entoto then back to Addis Ababa. Overnight at chosen hotel –Addis abeba.


DAY 02: Camel Market in Bati Town

Early drive from Addis to Kombolcha (376km). On the way, overlook the old tunnels made by Italians during the Occupation period (1936-1941). Check-in at your hotel and drive to Bati (41km from Kombolcha) for camel market. In the market, people of Amhara, Oromo & Afar are easily observed. Overnight – Hotel – Kombolcha


DAY 03: Hayk Istifanos & Lalibela

Drive from Kombolcha to Lalibela (349km). This route is picturesque. On the way, visit the monasteries of Lake Hayk for a monastery named Istifanos. Overnight – Hotel – Lalibela


DAY 04: Asheten Mariam, Nakuto La’abe, first & second groups

Early morning Climb to Asheten Mariam for a panoramic view of the region and a mountain Church. After Asheten Mariam, descend down for the first group of Churches. Afternoon, visit the Second groups & Nakuto Leab Cave Church. Overnight –hotel – Lalibela


Day 5: Lalibela – Yimrahine Kirstos -Mekelle

Drive to the cave church called Yimrahine Kirstos (42 km from Lalibela). The murals on the walls of the church, and the forest around are very impressive and worthy to be visited. Visit the church and proceed to Mekelle via Korem.
Overnight – Hotel – Mekelle


Day 6: Mekelle – Hammed Ela

Drive from Mekelle via Berahile to Hammed /Ahmed Ela. After the small town of Agula; we descend to the Afar Region. At many spots on the way; you will see camel caravans, transporting rock salt from Lake Asalé to the town of Mekelle. Entrance tickets will be collected at the small town of Berahile (110km from Mekelle). Then proceed towards Hammed Ela; accompanying with Afar polices and a local guide from Berahile.

Overnight – camping (in Afar House) – Hammed Ela


Day 7: Dallol Depression and Lake Asalé

Early morning (possibly at 6am local time); excursion to the Danakil depression. On this day; surely, you will be overwhelmed with strong feeling of admiration, because of the breathtaking Dallol. Proceed to the traditional salt extraction site from where camels are waiting to be loaded rock salts – just nearby the Salt Lake of Asalé. Then drive on white salt land to visit Lake Asalé. Overnight – camping (in Afar House) – Hammed Ela


Day 8: The Eternal fire of Arte Ale, Active Volcano Lake

Morning; drive from Hammed Ela towards Arte Ale (78km road) via Kursewat. After arranging camel/s for Arte Ale Mountain, drive to Waydodom and then climb Arta Ale accompanying with camping gears, being loaded by Afar Camel (3-4hrs walk). After siesta, explore the extraordinary lava that babbles from its mouth of Arte Ale volcanic fire. During night time the volcano will be fully seen with its magnificent color of zigzagging fire, produced from huge rocks. Therefore; in the evening, we will descend from Camping site to the drama of the volcano.

Overnight- camping on the top of Arte Ale


Day 9: Arte Ale – Mekelle

Morning; descend to your cars and drive via the Junction road to Afdera & then to the – small town of Abala/shiket -Mekelle Airport – Mekelle – Overnight – Hotel – Mekelle


Day 10: Wukro, Abraha We Atsebeha, Debre Damo & Yeha Temple

Drive from Mekelle to Axum. On the way, explore oldest rock churches of Wukro Cherkos, Abreha-We-Atsbeha, Degum Silassie, Debre Damo (climb aiding by a rope), and the 5th century B.C Pre-Christian Temple of Yeha.

Overnight – Hotel -Axum


Day 11: The birth Place of Ethiopian History, Axum

Axum reserves the ancient Ethiopian history that includes: the archaeological museum, monolithic steles, the tombs of King Kaleb, and the legendary Bath and the ruins of ancient palace of the Queen of Sheba, St Mary of Zion and the sanctuary that houses the original Ark of the Covenant and Emperor Fassiladas’ Castle of Axum.

Overnight – Hotel -Axum


Day 12: Simien Mountains National Park- Chennek

Drive from Axum to Simien Mountains (Chennek Camping Site). On this day, you will appreciate the extremely fabulous Simien Mountains’ escarpments. Arrive to Debark and collect entrance tickets at the Simien Mountains head office then drive to Chennek (57km from Debark). Explore Gelada Baboons at several spots & Walia Ibex nearby Chennek Camping Site (both endemic animals).

Overnight- tented camp – Chennek


Day 13: Gondar

Morning, explore the park around Chennek for the walia Ibex and some antelopes, afternoon; drive to Gondar. On the way near the town of Gondar; short visit of Woleka – a place of the Felasha or the black Jewish people for their pottery shop.

Overnight – Hotel – Gondar


Day 14: Gondar Castles, & Bahir Dar

After breakfast; visit the Castles of emperor Fassiladas and his swimming pool, the 17century church of Debre Birhan Sillassie (Light of Trinity) & drive to Bahir Dar (187kms). on the way; visit Awra Amba Community. Awara Aba people are famous in their unique work philosophy in action and social life. They do not have work division and salary or wage difference. What they do all together, they do share it evenly. Also visit the Bezawit Hill tops and the palace of Emperor Haile Selassie. Near Bahir Dar.

Overnight – Hotel– Bahir Dar


Day 15: Blue Nile Fall and Monasteries on Lake Tana

Morning; take a chartered boat trip on Lake Tana to visit monasteries (constructed during 14 up to 18 century). You will visit only the most accessible and representative of the monasteries on the lake, still serving their original function: Ura Kidane Mehret, and Azwa Maryam (in Zeghie Peninsula), Kibran Church (prohibited for women) & Entos Eyesus. After lunch drive to the small town of Tiss Abay (32km rough road) to visit the impressive Blue Nile Fall and to see the Old Portuguese Bridge (17Century) and the country side.

Overnight – Hotel–Bahir Dar


Day 16: Blue Nile Gorge

After an early breakfast; drive to Addis (563km), this route (Gojjam province) is famous in Teff production. Teff is stable food of Ethiopians. On the way; enjoy with the fabulous Blue Nile Gorge and the 13th Century monastery of Debre Libanos.

Overnight – Hotel – Addis


Day 17: Departure

Shopping at merkato evening farewell party then depart.


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