Walia Ibex Wildlife in Ethiopia is exceptional from the bigger mammals to endemic bird life. For big game it is necessary to go to the Omo and Mago parks in the south, or to Gambella, .In Awash Park different plains animals may be seen, including greater and lesser Kudu, Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk and Dik-Dik, and if you are lucky, leopards and lions. The nearby Alledeghi wildlife Reserve is well worth a visit, for herds of plains animals and rarely, the Abyssinian Wild Ass. In the Bale National Park various endemic animals can easily be seen, such as Mountain Nyala, Seimen Wolf and Menelik’s Bush buck, while the adjacent Harenna Forest has wild dogs, lions, and the Bale Monkey. In the Seimen Mountains National Park, the Walia population has witnessed a remarkable increase, and now sightings are more guaranteed.

Swayne’s HartebeestSwayne’s Hartebeest can easily be seen along with other plains animals in the Senkele sanctuary near Hawasa, and further to the South West, Nechisar Park, straddling two lakes, combines wonderful scenery with a variety of bird life and wildlife

In Babille Elephant Sanctuary, some 40km east of Harar, it is possible to see elephants and other game, and up in the north, in Tigray Region, in the new protected area Kafta Sheraro Park, elephants and other wild animals are making a comeback